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Location: Crimea, Ukraine
 © by Boris Loboda (barry)   Available under the «Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs License»
Published: 23.08.2008 08:34:42      Date/time taken: 08.08.2008 12:57:01   (exif)
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 Porcellionides (Adult)
  barry (Boris Loboda)     18.06.2013 07:18:38     barry  
 Porcellionidae (Adult)
  Arp     30.04.2012 07:54:13     Arp  
Last edited: 30.04.2012 07:55:15 (barry)
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 29.04.2012 10:35:43: Arp     
Hi, this is a Porcellionides. It doesn't quite look like the P. pruinosus that I know from various parts of Europe and on Crimea there may be some other species that I have never seen. Certainly Porcellionides rectifrons is present, but I think it would be prudent to also take P. approximatus and maybe P. pica or even P. sexfasciatius(?) into account.
At the moment I can't do better than Porcellionides sp. - will have a look what I can find about the other species, but it may take a while.

Cheers, Arp

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